Table of all stations with their buying and selling trade goods

Accelerator Factory
Aluminium Mine
Ammunition Factory
Ammunition S Factory
Antigrav Generator Factory
Antigrav Unit Factory
Body Armor Factory
Book Factory
Carbon Extractor
Cattle Ranch
Chemicals Factory
Clothes Factory
Coal Mine
Cocoa Farm
Coffee Farm
Computation Mainframe Factory
Computer Component Factory
Conductor Factory
Copper Mine
Corn Farm
Crystal Farm
Dairy Factory
Display Factory
Drill Factory
Drone Factory
Electro Magnet Factory
Electromagnetic Charge Factory
Energy Container Factory
Energy Generator Factory
Energy Inverter Factory
Energy Tube Factory
Equipment Dock
Explosive Charge Factory
Fabric Factory
Fertilizer Factory
Fish Farm
Food Bar Factory
Food Factory
Force Generator Factory
Fruit Farm
Fuel Factory
Fungus Farm
Fusion Core Factory
Fusion Generator Factory
Gas Collector
Gauss Rail Factory
Glass Manufacturer
Gun Factory
High Capacity Lens Factory
High Pressure Tube Factory
Ice Mine
Jewelry Manufacturer
Laser Compressor Factory
Laser Head Factory
Laser Modulator Factory
Lead Mine
Luxury Food Factory
Meat Factory
Medical Supplies Factory
Metal Plate Factory
Microchip Factory
Military Station
Mineral Extractor
Mining Robot Factory
Nanobot Factory
Noble Metal Mine
Oil Refinery
Ore Mine
Paint Manufacturer
Paper Factory
Plankton Collector
Plant Farm
Plasma Cell Factory
Plastic Manufacturer
Potato Farm
Power Unit Factory
Processor Factory
Protein Factory
Repair Dock
Research Station
Rice Farm
Rocket Factory
Rubber Factory
Satellite Factory
Scrap Metal Trader
Semi Conductor Manufacturer
Servo Factory
Sheep Ranch
Silicium Mine
Solar Cell Factory
Solar Panel Factory
Solar Power Plant
Spices Farm
Steel Factory
Steel Tube Factory
Targeting Card Factory
Targeting System Factory
Tea Farm
Teleporter Factory
Tesla Coil Factory
Tools Factory
Transformator Factory
Turbine Factory
Turret Factory
Vegetable Farm
Vehicle Factory
War Robot Factory
Warhead Factory
Water Collector
Wheat Farm
Wine Factory
Wire Manufacturer
Wood Farm
Zinc Mine

In this table (trade list) are listed all stations of Avorion with their associated trade goods, which they sell or buy. The table can be sorted by the name of the station.

The trade goods in the columns of buying and selling link to a overview site with a table of all trade goods. There you can find fast, at which stations the respective trade good are sold or bought.

If you are searching for a particular station of Avorion, you can enter a search word in the search on the top of the site. In case that the searching is unsuccessful, all stations will be shown. Otherwise all stations, which match the search word, will be shown.